YC2016: Launch (Part Two)

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So I’m sitting here on the tarmac at YYT, often known as Fog City and affectionately named “Sinjons” by others.  There’s a lot of effort that goes into taking a flight. It starts with an idea, a booking must be made, then on to the packing (I wonder what I forgot this time), followed by travel to the airport (a shout out to our awesome chauffeurs). Once at the airport, there’s check-in, way-too-personal security screenings, and the departure lounge waits (makes perfect sense why they call this the WAITING area…but I digress). Final relief sets in when your flight number is called and your row can begin boarding.

A lot of people are involved in today’s flight launch too; website managers, ticketing personnel, airline counter staff, TSFA security, baggage handlers, flight attendants, and of course the pilots! I can’t help but think about the launch of YCNL this fall and that it takes a small army of people to prepare for such a great weekend.  From our planning team and advisory committee, to volunteers, youth leaders, and parents, to our youth and young adults, there are many hands that will help launch the beautiful moment in October.  As we get ready for YCNL 2016, would you consider being part of the launch team? There are many great opportunities to serve! If you’re a youth leader, pastor, or chaperone, you have a key role to play on the launch team by getting your group to Paradise for Thanksgiving weekend. If you’re a parent or grand-parent, you can be part of the incredible prayer support team that intercedes for this generation. If you’re a business person, or leading in an organization, you too can become an event partner, sponsor, or exhibitor.  If you’re one of our amazing Newfoundland & Labrador youth or young adults, this event is for you, and it just wouldn’t be the same without you. We can all join the launch team. The question is, what part will you play?

Oh, I’ve gotta go. They’re calling my flight. It’s time to launch!

Author Dean Brenton

Executive Director of Ministry Development & Strategic Initiatives PAONL, YCNL Director, Pastor, Husband, Dad, Diakonoi, Christ-follower.

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