Word Up!

By March 11, 2012 No Comments
“I have a word from the Lord”…sound familiar?  In our quest to have a prophetic and confident voice in declaring the things of God…here are some random thoughts that might help us in truly having a word….
THOT #1. “…in the beginning was the Word…the Word became flesh a dwelt among us…and we have seen His glory!” Jesus is the all-sufficient WORD (John 1:14) yet I sometimes fear in our quest for more we treat him as somewhat deficient.
THOT #2. I was doing a Sunday morning children’s ministry program a few weeks ago….now that’s a scary thought in itself…and a simple but profound truth struck me. The lesson that day reminded us that God has given us two ears and one mouth…i.e. we should be listening twice as much as speaking. Why is it that we hear much on having a WORD but less on LISTENING. Could it be God would have us be better listeners than speakers? Why do we hear more about HAVING A WORD than we do about HEARING A WORD? Would we engage our culture in more effective ways if we listened more and spoke less? Would we be more pleasing to the SPIRIT if we had EARS TO HEAR what HE is saying (Rev. 3:3)?
THOT #3. Does God speak though us? YES! Does God give us gifts of utterance? YES! But He also gives the gifts of wisdom (1 Cor. 12:8). It’s also interesting wisdom comes before the utterance gifts in the passage…I’m just sayin’….but maybe there is a significant truth there. A movement of people who had an intense desire for wisdom…first…what would that look like?
THOT #4. Do we need more WORDS? More of the presence of God? Most definitely! Let’s just temper our desires with a firm grasp on the sufficiency of Christ, a spirit that is eager to listen and a heart that cries for wisdom…imagine the WORDS coming out of that environment!