Weep! It’s Thursday!

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Good morning!

1 more day…and I’ve been thinking of weeping! Don’t get me wrong…not because I’m slipping into a depression or because Bruce is hard to work with (although that may be true :)…the reality is all good leaders weep.

I just finished reading 1 Samuel 30 and John 11. Both David and Jesus… great leaders! David is weeping over his captured family, Jesus is weeping over the premature death of his friend.

John 11: 35…2 familiar words…”Jesus wept”…profound!

Do we weep over the things that break God’s heart. Maybe a key motivator in us doing this event for 10 years and BEYOND is brokenness…brokenness for a generation that has been given a premature death sentence. YC must be about setting captives free and seeing young people brought from death to life. Let’s be broken for a broken generation but let’s also be bold for we have the antidote. Andre’ Crouch song rings in my ears today…Jesus IS the answer!

Be blessed as you prepare, travel, and join us in Gander.

For this generation!

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