The JustUs Series

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A Curriculum That Explores Poverty & Justice

“Young people today are passionate about change. Their hearts break for the injustice they see in the world and they yearn to be a part of the solution. The problem is that they have few resources to help them. These youth do have the potential to change our world, but they need the knowledge, tools and revolutionary Biblical perspective to equip them to take the next steps.This five-part video series addresses topics such as worldview, the role of the media, and who the poor really are, as well as exploring God’s heart for justice.”

The content is clear and concise.  The exploration of the deep, high level, and personal issues surrounding social justice is refreshing and engaging. The rhythm and length the sessions are presented in a way that will keep the attention and interest of a younger audience but the content is meaningful enough that it is applicable to any generation. I’d certainly recommend the series to anyone wanting to take their students or adults to a new level of understanding around the vital matter of justice.

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Author Dean Brenton

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