Let’s Get This Party Started!

By October 8, 2014 No Comments
YC 2014 HOPE copySo today I celebrated my 40…something birthday. Birthday celebrations…you know, those days marked by unsanitary restaurant head-gear, total strangers serenading you at the most embarrassing times, and sugar…way too much sugar. As much fun as birthday celebrations can be, there’s something much greater to celebrate. Listen to the apostle Paul again:
“Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying.” (Romans 12:12)
What makes HOPE so confident? It’s placed in the ONE who never changes, its grounded in a love that never fails, and it is anchored in a future that never ends. Confident HOPE is worth celebrating. HOPE is worth throwing a real party over. In fact, we have a three-day party planned that starts Friday night at Mile One Centre. But this party doesn’t need to end on Sunday night. This HOPE celebration will reverberate through eternity. Let’s get this party started!

Author Dean Brenton

Executive Director of Ministry Development & Strategic Initiatives PAONL, YCNL Director, Pastor, Husband, Dad, Diakonoi, Christ-follower.

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